Doctors’ Fees – as of 2 April 2024

Doctors’ fees apply to both face-to-face and telephone consults. Please refer to their fee structure below.

Independent Doctors have adopted Private Billing at Health at Dulwich. Bulk billing is only available to children under 5 years of age and DVA Card Holders during weekdays between 9am – 5pm. Bulk billing is also available for appointments for Medical Care Plans and Health Assessments. Doctors do not routinely bulk bill and previous bulk billing does not guarantee future bulk billing.

Fees vary according to the length and complexity of the consultation and are determined by the independent Doctors and may vary between the Doctors.

Why Is There a GAP? Unfortunately, the Federal Government’s indexation of Medicare Rebates has never kept pace with the rising costs for Doctors to run their medical practice, including rent, staff wages and medical equipment. Medicare Rebates were frozen from 2012 until 2018 with the most recent increases well below CPI, effectively continuing the freeze, and now cover less than half of the actual cost incurred by Doctors to provide high-quality medical care and services, which means they are not in a position to bulk bill all patients. Click here for more details. Until the Government adequately funds your ongoing healthcare, practices have no option but to increase gap fees in line with increasing costs. The Government is failing to prioritise your access to quality healthcare in Australia leaving you increasingly out of pocket when you see your GP. Please speak to your local Federal MP to raise your concerns that Medicare Rebates have not kept up with inflation.

Payment is required in full on the day of consultation and can be made by Cash, EFTPOS and Credit Card (Amex, VISA & MasterCard Only) – Card payment fees apply, see reception for details.

The Practice has facilities to enable immediate refund of your Medicare Rebates.

Children under 5 years of age will be bulk billed by Doctors during weekdays between 9am – 5pm.

If you are attending with your newborn baby, please apply early for your new Medicare Card. Consultations attended without a valid Medicare Card will incur a reduced fee. We ask that this fee is paid on the day of consultation. You may then claim your rebate via Medicare once you have your valid Medicare Card.

Please note that Doctors do not offer bulk billing on Saturdays and Weekday Evenings. Details of Doctors’ Saturday and Weekday Evening fees can be found below.

Patients who hold a Health Care Card will be required to pay a reduced fee above the Medicare rebate for weekday appointments. Payment in full will be required on the day of the appointment.

Workers Compensation patients must provide a Claim Number each time they present for a consultation.

Please see the schedule of Doctors’ fees below, effective from 2 April 2024 (for all face-to-face and telephone consults):

Patients 5 years and Older – Without a Health Care Card

Weekdays Full Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
Standard Consult $97.00 $41.40 $55.60
Long Consult $174.00 $80.10 $93.90
Extended Consult $260.00 $118.00 $142.00
Saturdays & Weekday Evenings After 5pm Full Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
Standard Consult $117.00 $41.40 $75.60
Long Consult $196.00 $80.10 $115.90
Extended Consult $295.00 $118.00 $177.00


Patients 5 years and Older – With a Health Care Card (Weekend and after 5pm rates apply – see above)

Weekdays Full Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
Standard Consult $75.00 $41.40 $33.60
Long Consult $123.00 $80.10 $42.90
Extended Consult $174.00 $118.00 $56.00


Transfer of Medical File: $60 to $80

Private Fees for Dressings: $10 to $20

Private Fees for Various Procedures: Please see Reception for Full Details

A Non-Attendance Fee may apply if you do not provide at least 2 hours notice of your cancellation, and this fee will need to be paid prior to next seeing a doctor. Management reserves the right to uphold this policy and it can be subject to change at any time without notice.


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